Beagle Buddies

We are working paw in paw with Beagle Buddies to find responsible and experienced forever homes for Beagles in rescue centres across mainland UK.

They have already teamed up with several rescues who have many Beagles in their centres waiting for their forever homes.

Please support this worthwhile project.

K9 Tracker ~ Tiga

Tiga and his companion (and handler) Jenny are well known and respected in the Beagle world for their outstanding success in helping to reunite many a wandering dog in their owners greatest hour of need.

If you have just one number in your address book, make it this one.

Just Beagles

The online home of Saffie, Charley, Frodo and Blu. Their website gives an insight to living with Beagles. Read all about what they get up to from bog snorkeling to tunneling to tree climbing, beagles do it all.

Click through now to see if you have what it takes to be a Beagle Mum or Dad.

Animal Free Research

Nearly 4 Million tests performed on animals in the UK in 2016, time for a new approach.

Nelly's Woofers

We are proud to be associated with, and to recommend, Nelly's Woofers. Nelly is based in Portsmouth and provides all manner of canine services from Behaviourist to training to Dog walking. Please visit her website for more information by clicking the paw.

Dog Lost

Since Dog Lost began in 2003, thousands of missing and stolen dogs have been reunited.
Dog Lost is run by volunteers. Any lost or stolen dog registered on the site will have a greater chance of being reunited with its owners, 1000's of volunteers work hard every day to support its efforts in reuniting dogs with their owners.
Pre-register your dog now so that, should the worst happen, the help you need is just a phone call away.

Beagle Health

This website is for any beagle owner whether you own, show, work or breed. There is information specific to beagles & also general health items which we hope you will find interesting and helpful.
Why not complete the breed health survey & contribute to the knowledge base.

Liver Cake Treats

As everyone knows, the way to a Beagles heart is through their stomach.

Liver cake is the perfect training treat with no additives or e-numbers.

Simple to make, Beagles will do just about anything for it.

UK Beagles

UK Bealges, a vibrant and friendly online community for those that share their life with a Beagle.

Knowledge & experience for you to draw on and a place to share your stories and photo's with like minded Beagle lovers.

Join now, say Frodo sent you.....

The Beagles Bakery

Liz and her willing chief testers George & Tilly Beagle provide scrumptious home made dog cakes and biscuits to order.

Click through to their online shop to order a birthday cake or some special treats for your loved one, you can even have them personalised. Why not join the treat club for a regular delivery.

Run Free Alliance

Run Free Alliance has relaunched and they would welcome your support to achieve their objective in abolishing the breeding for, and use of, Beagles for scientific procedures, experiments and research in the UK.

You can follow and support their work through their website, on Facebook and via Twitter.

Please also take a few moments to sign their petition by clicking here.

The Cinnamon Trust

Specialist national charity for people in their last years & their much loved, much needed companion animals.
A network of 15,000 volunteers “hold hands” with owners to provide vital loving care for their pets.
We keep them together - for example, we’ll walk a dog every day for a housebound owner, we’ll foster pets when owners need hospital care, we’ll fetch the cat food, or even clean out the bird cage, etc.

Bonkers about Beagles

We bloody love Beagles is a facebook group for any beagle owner whether you own, show, work or breed. Make new friends, share your photos, tales of woe or tales of joy.

Pop by and say hello, you're sure of a warm welcome

Beagle Welfare

Beagle Welfare was established in 1979 in order to give help and advice on Beagles and if necessary to ‘re-home’ Beagles whose owners are unable to do so. The main aims of BW are: The prevention of maltreatment & cruelty to Beagles and to encourage responsible ownership of Beagles throughout Great Britain.

To provide advice & guidance to Beagle owners.

Beagles in Beds

Can you guess what this facebook group is all about? Bealges in beds is an international group to talk about & share, all things Beagle.

Team Beagle lost & found

Team Beagle Lost & Found is made up of Beagle owners across the UK. All willing to give up their time to help should the unthinkable happen. Admins will share your Beagles photo & details across Facebook & Twitter whilst asking local volunteers to join the physical search.
They will also offer practical advice on likely travel patterns of your Beagle & what steps you can take to hasten their safe return. Click the paw to pre-register your Beagle now.

World Record Beagles

Fancy being part of the next world record attempt? Sign up now for this ticket only event to smash the world record for the greatest number of beagles to take part in a walk in one location.
The 2017 attempt almost did it. Pre-registration is required.

Unite to C.A.R.E

Testing on animals continues every day, many of the dogs have gone directly from a commercial breeder to the lab. They have never felt grass under their feet or felt the warmth of the sun against their skin. They will never experience treats, toys, bedding or a human touch that didn't end in pain. They live in steel cages, All will have an ID number tattooed in their ear marking them as the product & property of a specific lab.

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